About Us

Our Vision

Adaptive Living, Inc. (ALI) believes that individuals with disabilities are entitled to live, work, enjoy leisure activities, and participate fully and productively in community life in the least restrictive environment.

Our Mission

Adaptive Living Inc. (ALI) provides housing, food, transportation, support, and counselors for adults with developmental disabilities. ALI believes that our residents are entitled to live in the least restrictive environment and to work, enjoy leisure activities, and participate fully and productively in community life. ALI’s residents receive instruction in life skills tailored around their unique requirements. We are committed to providing a safe living and learning environment, with clear duties that align with the rights and responsibilities for each resident. ALI’s goals for all of its residents are to promote independence, to provide the opportunity for them to possess a sense of dignity and self-worth through instruction, coaching, and living in a comfortable environment.

Our Values

  • Residents shall not be denied their individual rights or access to appropriate services.
  • Their personal goals and progress toward self-fulfillment will be recognized and supported.
  • They shall be given opportunities to maximize their productivity, contribution to society, integration into the community, and sense of achievement and self-worth.
  • There will be no discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or ethnicity.

Our Goals

  • Provide food and affordable housing.
  • Teach and develop independent living skills.
  • Encourage self-advocacy.
  • Encourage participation in educational, recreational, and social programs and in community life.
  • Promote and maintain the health of our residents.